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Enumitem package for LaTeX

Updated: 2011-09-29

A package to customize the three basic lists (enumerate, itemize and description) by means of a set of parameters. It provides most of the flexibility you may want to design your own lists:

  • fancy labels and fancy refs,
  • leftmargin, labelsep, labelwidth anf the like automatically set,
  • changes applied globally or only in one of the three types or even in a single list (including topsep) by means of a sort of "inheritance",
  • inline lists,
  • several description styles,
  • starting value and resuming the counter,
  • trivlists properly formatted,
  • control on page breaking,
  • gathering of lists to be treated like a unit,
  • lists as paragraphs.

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Bugs and known problems

Feature request: widest for all lists
Sent by: Ulrike Fischer (2013-03-19)
Status: Pending

Please enable the widest key also for the itemize and description list.

Bug: \setlist doesn’t work
Sent by: Marco Daniel (2011-09-11)
Status: Closed (released)

It doesn’t check correctly the star.

Bug: resume* only works once
Sent by: Richard Stanton (2011-08-30)
Status: Closed (released)

If resume* is used a second time, the numbers are correct, but not other settings.

Bug: nosep in tables
Sent by: Sven (2011-08-16)
Status: Closed (not a bug)

The option nosep does not always work: I have a table and put an enumeration in one of the cells. In this case, there is a vertical space before the first item.

Here is a minimal example:

test1 &test2\\
test3 &\begin{enumerate}[leftmargin=*,nosep]
        \item item1
        \item item2

Answer You have to put the list inside a minipage (this is the default behaviour of lists in cells). Not having to use minipage would be nice, of course, and I’ll investigate how to do it.

Bug: incompatibility with powerdot
Sent by: Author (2011-04-01)
Status: Closed (not a bug)

Powerdot relies in an few internal macros of enumitem which are not available in enumitem 2.0 and later. You can put in the preamble:


and with this it works again. Further, since it uses a “public” macro, the compatibility is ensured. Very likely, putting the four assignments (list and the three lists) in \AtBeginDocument will fix the problem as a quick & dirty trick. Anyway, to be fixed in powerdot (I’m not sure it has been done).

Feature request: Puntuación en description
Sent by: Juan José Torrens (2011-03-30)
Status: Pending

Provide a way to add punctuacion after the label in description.

Feature request: Robust \AddToEnumerateCounter
Sent by: F Chervet (2011-03-15)
Status: Closed (released)

Currently \AddEnumerateCounter requires the arguments to be fully expandable, but often it’s convenient to use macros which are not fully expandable (fragile or protected).

Bug: With @align=left2 the label may overlap the text
Sent by: F Chervet (2011-03-15)
Status: Closed (released)

makelabel is not properly defined (it assumes the labelwidth has been set to the max width, which is not always the case).

Feature request: fullwidth
Sent by: Henning Heinze (2011-02-22)
Status: Closed (released)

Indented labels with fullwidth, as done sometimes in Brasil.

Bug: leftmargin=* cannot be overriden
Sent by: Francois Lafont (2011-01-24)
Status: Closed (released)

If leftmargin=* is set in setlist, an explicit fixed leftmargin is ignored in lists.

[More info on bugs (all fixed) and changes soon. Reporters were: Martin Staffa, Peter Zimmermann, Leo Liu, Sven, Marcin Borkowski, Ulrike Fischer, Frank Mrusek, and, of course, Lars Madsen.]

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